October 12, 2018 ยท 2 minute read

For the Love of Real Laser Printing

Patrick Moffitt has believed in the idea of digital wood burning since he was a child. Back then his father helped invent laser printers for IBM. In those days IBM held an open-house every year so that employee's family-members could come to the plant and see what they'd been working on. Patrick was filled with excited anticipation at the prospect of seeing a real laser printer. As a young boy Patrick had seen lasers on television and in the movies. He knew they could shoot fire and burn through anything. He worshipped his father and naturally assumed that Dad and his fellow engineers had tamed the fearsome weapon of Star Trek and Flash Gordon to make a machine that could print directly onto paper with a laser. When the big day finally came he was disappointed to learn that the laser was very low power, invisible, and served to “print” a static charge onto a drum. The charge attracted and repelled toner which was then transferred to paper and fused by a high intensity lamp. Anyway, all Dad kept talking about was the burster and the stacker. The machine that separated the sheets of paper, trimmed off the tractor feed strips, and collated them. Patrick never forgot that day and many years later, when high-wattage lasers appeared in the hobbyist market, he set about making the machine he had been hoping to see that day. He eventually succeeded and thus was born Nova Pyrographics.